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Design/Customization of your WordPress website

Whether creating a brand new look for your WordPress site, or giving your existing site a facelift, I can customize it to be uniquely yours and help achieve your business goals with an effective user experience. (Learn More about WordPress)

Content Updates and MaintenanceWTT WordPress Website

Keeping your content updated and fresh helps with getting your customers to visit again and again, and also significantly improves your search engine performance (SEO).

Your WordPress site also needs to be updated to the latest versions (new features, fixes and security updates) as they are released. Regular site database backups and plugin updating is also required to avoid hack attacks, or worse, losing your your site completely. Plugins are regularly updated by their developers to handle changes in WordPress and to fix problems, add features and close security loopholes.

Updates can be done on a monthly contract basis, or on an ‘as-needed,’ hourly basis. In either case, I will work with you to ensure that your updates are made accurately, professionally and in a timely fashion to keep your site running smoothly.

Tell me about your need/problem and once we’re clear on the problem and the solution, I will provide you with a quote.

Please contact me for a free quote.